I am going to a few weddings this year and it got me thinking about the wonderful details that make it such a memorable day for not only the couple but the guests they share it with. Some traditional elements are getting a modern day twist and the one that caught my eye in a good way, is the wedding band. Some incorporate engravings, others have their spouses finger prints on the inside, and some have patterns. I think this is a great new alternative for couples who want a little something different but still want to honor the traditional notion of bands. Since it's on the inside, it's your little secret!!

Check out the photos below, the craftsmanship is amazing! Would you wear one of these rings?

gaia ring by de capo

fingerprint wedding band by jess & brent williams


  1. I love the fingerprint idea. I would totally wear that! So personal and sweet

  2. oh, man. These make me a tiny bit sad that I've already got my ring! The fingerprint one is totally cool...but I think the pattern could be sweet and sentimental if there was meaning behind it.

  3. I love the imprints on the inside - there's something so romantic about there being a secret only you know about.