I'm sure all of us at one time or another wanted someone to literally sit down and teach us how to put on makeup and create certain looks. Some relied on friends, family, or even make up counters that offer makeovers, and others purchased books. Francois Nars, founder of NARS has recently come out with a sequel to his 2001 version Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself. This amazing book has pictures of various everyday women with different makeup looks and shows a before and after.

That's not all...NARS has launched an extension of their book here. There are 12 looks with step by step instructions listing products and where to put them, so you too can recreate this at home! You can also submit photos of yourself after using the online tutorial and possibly win prizes!! One of the prizes is backstage access to New York Fashion Week...need I say more?!

These are my favorite NARS products:

lip gloss: ophelia

blush: deep throat

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