For those of you who remember, I started a summer project (here) growing roma tomatoes and basil in the backyard. I'm happy to report that my plants are still alive! I lost a basil plant to some unnamed snails but I'm still happy with the progress. Here are some quick picture updates...the tomatoes are slowly starting to change color! The next test is if they taste like tomatoes!! Stay tuned!!

(note to self: snails like basil too!)

notice the slightly orange color!


picnic time

When the weather gets warm, I love packing a basket to take to the park. If you don't have time to pack something just pick up sandwiches and enjoying them outside! I recently went out of town and had a lovely picnic in Calistoga, the sun was out and we were quietly tucked in a corner in the shade. The attention to detail transforms anything simple into something special. Here, the place mats, cutlery, and fresh flowers added a picturesque touch to our picnic.


to trench or not to trench?

The weather has been a little cooler than normal and I've found myself wishing for a light trench coat. The classic lines and color compliment any outfit and has become a staple in our society. I ran across this article about the creation and modification of the classic trench coat. Of course I don't have the budget for the classic Burberry one that we've all seen but this one and that one are great alternatives that will not break the bank.