the LOVE stitch

One of my dear friends has an Etsy shop called the Love stitch and it's full of wonderfully handmade treasures. Her collection includes iPad sleeves, eReader sleeves, iPhone covers, and bow ties! She graciously let me pick her brain about how she started and what inspires her.

You first learned how to crochet, how old were you and who did you pick it up from?
Julia: I picked up my first skein of yarn about 15 years ago. It was a lazy Sunday hanging out with my family and my aunt was crocheting a blanket. Up to that point I taught fiber working was just for "old ladies," but regardless I was memorized and pleaded with her to teach me. within the next couple hours I was hooked, literally and figuratively and haven't looked back. Since then there's been a ton of self teaching and lots of trails and errors.

When did you start knitting?
Julia: Two years ago a dear friend of mine taught a group of us how to knit and I loved that so much, the stitching and flow was different than crocheting and offered a new creative challenge.

Were you hesitant to start an Etsy shop?
Julia: Starting my Etsy shop was a big decision for me because up until then I mainly knitted or crocheted for pure enjoyment or artistic relief. I was afraid that taking orders would take away from the connection I had with making something. But I couldn't have been more wrong! There's been an overwhelming positive response to my creations and I honestly couldn't be more thankful. Interestingly enough, my Etsy shop has inspired me even more as I look forward to releasing new items and seeing what the public thinks.

How do you find inspiration for your shop?
Julia: I find my creative inspiration from fashion, art, and different fibers (bamboo, wool, cotton, etc...). I love the different colors and tones that particular yarn emit and it also aids in my creative daydreaming. It's very rare that I enter a yarn shop with a particular project in mind (mainly because I have SO many hopefully project brewing to last me a lifetime) but rather I let the yarn "sell" me and go from there organically. 

Here is a peak into her wonderful store, I have an amazing red bow coming in the mail that I CANNOT wait to use with my accessories!

Thank you for sharing your lovely shop with us Julia!

I love the vibrant colors!

 I am going to copy this idea!

and this one too! :) 


  1. Great interview! I love the bows. So cute!

  2. Nice interview! Those are adorable.

  3. Thank you for the support ladies! I always appreciate your comments!!

  4. What a great idea for a shop...I love that iPad case!

  5. Love these, the iphone cases are adorable! Will have to check out the site.

    xo Ashleigh


  6. I love the crochet bowties! =)


  7. OMG those bows are amazing. And I'd love to have an ipad cover like that. Great post!

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