lazy day

I'm mentally gearing up for Thanksgiving next week, my brother and I will be hosting dinner at the house and I'm nervous to play hostess. I've started planning out the courses and making my grocery list for this weekend. One of my oldest friends has volunteered to help me prepare tomorrow...bless her heart! So in order to make room in the fridge/freezer I made a homemade pizza, with herb dough, prosciutto, goat cheese, parmesan cheese...everything from Trader Joe's! I also pulled out this pear tart and I must say, it's quite tasty for being a prepacked treat! I feel that all this mental planning gives me an excuse to take the night off. I have a ton of holiday catalogs to flip through, gathering gift ideas for the ones I love (and maybe one or two for me).

I drizzled the dough with garlic infused olive oil, topped with with the cheeses and prosciutto once it was out of the oven (otherwise it gets crunchy) then added more parmesan cheese...delicious!

I wish they sold these in slices because I had a couple pieces...

All holiday catalogs nicely stacked on my nightstand, ready for me to flip through!


  1. Did you buy a new nightstand? Cute glass case to hold your nightstand essentials...and I love that candle from Anthropologie. It's my favorite and it's absolutely delicious smelling! You're so talented--I tried to make a pizza once from Trader Joes, and it was still doughy. Fail. Yours looks amazing!

  2. cute blog, i follow you:))!!!!
    xoxo A,

  3. Victoria- I did get a new nightstand! I love so many Voluspa candles!

    Thank you Anna!

  4. That pizza looks so good!

  5. The pizza really looks deli :p